Improving opportunities for people and businesses along the Yorkshire Coast

Application Process

There is a two stage application process to apply for funding:

Stage 1 – Expression of interest.

At this stage the eligibility of the project and its ‘fit’ with the Local Development Strategy is assessed.

A Performance Management Group (PMG) has been set up in order to assess Expressions of Interest for eligibility and strategic fit. This group comprises of community representatives with knowledge and experience of the local area and awareness of needs and requirements. Their role is to assess need and reduce potential duplication of projects.

Expressions of interest (EoI) are considered by a Performance Management Group and if approved will be invited to move to Stage 2.

Applicants will be required to work alongside a member of the Advantage Coast Team to prepare their full application.

Stage 2 – The full application.

At this stage the full impact of the project will be considered.

Initial assessment is carried out by the Advantage Coast Team in terms of fit with the objectives of the Local Development Strategy (LDS) and value for money, as well as compliance and general adequacy of the application.

Once the application has satisfied all the criteria it will then go the Executive Group and the Performance Management Group for comment consideration. Once approved by these groups, successful applicants will be contacted by the Advantage Coast team to discuss next steps.

Unsuccessful applicants will receive feedback and support to resubmit their application if regarded as eligible, subject to funding being available.

Funding Availability

Funds Total Funding Still Available
Scarborough ESF £2,934,048 £569,000
ERDF Capital £599,992 £0
ERDF Revenue £816,999 £0
Bridlington ESF £1,237,058 £0
ERDF Capital £600,004 £0
ERDF Revenue £706,353 £0

Please contact your Local Development Coordinator for an initial discussion on your project idea.

Scarborough – Steve Marsh – steve.marsh@scarborough.gov.uk

Bridlington – Sean Gibson – sean.gibson@eastriding.gov.uk