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Yorkshire in Business

New Beginnings is a programme created in reaction to the impact that COVID-19 and ongoing restrictions will have on the lives of individuals and their families within the Scarborough Community.  Many individuals will not be ready to adapt to the changes that we now find ourselves having to overcome and YiB wish to offer a tailored support service offered on a one to one basis by their life coach’s that will assist one to realise and reach their full potential.

Life Coaches will spend time getting to know the clients.  This will involve looking at their current circumstances and the barriers and challenges they face.  They will support clients in assessing all aspects of their lives, including their physical health, mental health, social and interpersonal skills, skill level and financial situation. They will also spend time looking at their existing experience and talents, to help them make the most of these, whilst exploring their passions and aspirations.

The coaches will then utilise this information to set goals and develop an action plan to reach those goals.  They will work closely with clients to support them to meet their needs, that have been identified.  YiB will also utilise our community contacts of existing provision to coordinate additional expertise and support.

The project will provide the following benefits

  • Stimulate/promote an entrepreneurial culture
  • Aid/ support/advise participants and increase access to existing provision
  • Increase self-belief and esteem
  • Support the recovery of our local economy from COVID-19 impact
  • Provide accessible wrap around support for individuals impacted by COVID-19 -possibly those affected by redundancies, loss of earnings, reduced childcare, increase in living costs, change of career, lack of demand on industry etc
  • Personal and professional Development.

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