Yorkshire Coast Social Enterprise Ambassador – North

Scarborough – ERDF

Coast and Vale Community Action

CaVCA aims to support, develop and empower communities; help people and communities feel a sense of collective agency; and promote cooperation and common goals to improve lives for everyone.

Social Enterprise Ambassador South aims to support local businesses, third sector organisations, public sector bodies and local communities to realise the benefits of being part of the Yorkshire Coast Social Enterprise Zone.  Social Enterprise Ambassadors help to develop local social marketplaces by providing one to one, bespoke and group support to potential entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing enterprises that want to develop along profitable but socially supportive lines.

Specifically the project will:

  • Work with communities to identify potential entrepreneurial interventions aimed at addressing local issues
  • Increase the profile of social enterprise in the area
  • Create the right conditions and infrastructure for social sector development and growth
  • Facilitate and sustain increased levels of social interaction
  • Enable pre and existing entrepreneurs to create and maximise new and emerging opportunities
  • Build the capacity of a peer network that will survive beyond the period of funding to sustain and promote understanding of, and support for, social enterprise

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