YNYER TAP Showcase – 15th February 2019

On Friday 15th February, The CLLD team attended an event in York to celebrate the positive impact European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) funding has had across our region within businesses and local communities over the last few years.

The event heard Colin Mellors, ESIF committee Chair and YNYER LEP Board Member, kick start the day by highlighting the importance of celebrating the outcomes of ESIF funding. He said: “It is interesting times we live in in relation to European matters. EU funding has made some fantastic impacts on local towns and communities over the years and whatever replaces will have need to deliver the same impact.”
He continued, “TAP paves the way to prepare organisations to prepare correctly to make successful bids and bring about the real projects. Its right to celebrate, no matter what the climate and the views that are current. Thank you to those on the ground, making the projects happen, changing communities and changing lives.”

It was great to hear first hand projects and beneficiaries talking about their experiences and achievements with ESIF funding.


Special thanks were made to:

Colin Mellors – YNYER ESIF Committee Chair

Lisa Wilson – Hambleton District Council

Pauline Mitchell – University of Hull

Gary Fawcett – Skills Forge

Rob Warner – East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Kevin Curran, Lizzy & Ally – Inspired Youth

Andrew Osivwemu – MHCLG

James Farrar – YNYER LEP

Closing the event, James Farrar, Chief Executive of the York North Yorkshire and East Riding Partnership said, “These projects are the reason why we get out of bed every day. We may have to navigate bureaucracy, but in doing so these investments and programmes change the lives of real people, transform real places and grow real businesses, with benefits for all.”