White Vinyl Media

Bridlington – ERDF

Activfirst Ltd

The White Vinyl Media project will provide social media support to businesses in Bridlington, the project will employ three people who will assist businesses to maximise the power of social media as a marketing tool in order to generate business, raise the company profile and upskill staff.

Increasing a businesses profile will inevitable be a contributor to the growth of the organisation.  The project will work with businesses of all ages, sizes and industries and will spend time in the businesses to get a feel and fully understand what a business is wanting to achieve from the engagement.  Individual marketing strategies will be developed detailing what the business needs and to who. This will allow an informed decision as to the appropriate platforms to utilise to maximise exposure to the target market, it may even mean publishing different content on different platforms.

Increasing businesses ranking on web searches is important when dealing with individuals and B2B, the social media activity will improve an organisations ranking, with an aim of reaching page one of a web search.

Through speaking with local businesses Activfirst have identified that:

  • Most small businesses can not initially afford to take on a full time social media marketeer.
  • They do not understand the massive benefits of social media and focus funding in more traditional marketing activities at a high cost with little return.
  • They do not have the knowledge to effectively manage someone in a social media marketing position.

To allow growth and sustainability in this ever developing digital world, businesses need to interact with social media as a marketing tool. Social media has an instant long ranging reach to customers and potential customers in a cost effective manner.

The majority of people will turn to social media to access information on all subjects