Street Based Youth Engagement

Scarborough – ESF

Sidewalk Youth Project

Sidewalk is a youth led movement for change. For 28 years we have focused on engaging with Scarborough’s most marginalised and at risk young people on the streets, to draw alongside them and nurture conditions in which they can develop in all areas of life.

Street based youth engagement aims to:

  • Provide a safe place for young people
  • Bridge the gap between young people at risk and the opportunities that exist
  • Engage with those susceptible to exclusion to promote participation
  • Re-engage 16-18 year old NEETs to help them become job ready
  • Support disaffected 14-16 year olds to reengage with learning
  • Provide tailored support and training to enhance the life chances of young people defined as NEET or at risk of becoming NEET
  • Develop a youth community hub where young volunteers can help establish a space in which peers can get involved in community work, training, mentoring and coaching