Lone Parent Mentor

Bridlington – ESF

aspire-igen Group Ltd

aspire-igen is a Yorkshire based social enterprise committed to changing lives for the better through learning and work. For the past 25 years, aspire-igen has successfully helped people and communities to be the best they can be.

Lone Parent Mentor aims to:

  • Move lone parents closer to the labour market
  • Raise lone parent aspirations and encourage them to consider their long term careers
  • Encourage lone parents to view convenient work, which can be low paid and low skilled, as a step on a long term career path
  • Empower lone parents to take control of their lives and broaden their outlook in terms of work, home and life
  • Inspire, motivate and support lone parents to move into learning and/or work to meet career goals
  • Increase lone parent awareness of, and engagement with, local services
  • Develop resources that can be used to support lone parents on an ongoing basis
  • Create family role models for the next generation
  • Support lone parents to develop skills to be self-supporting, and enjoy a good standard of living, in the future