East Riding College will continue to be a leader in the economic success and social development of the region, working in partnership to provide access to the highest quality education and skills training to meet the needs of individuals, employers and the communities we serve.

This project is to develop a Clinical Skills Centre at the Bridlington campus of East Riding College with the aim to attract unemployed adults who are furthest from the workplace, in terms of qualifications and skills, to work in the health and social care sector in Bridlington where there are clear skills shortages in this area presently and projected into the future in entry level jobs and more advanced jobs.

The development will have much value to the local community as there is no other resources currently like this in the Bridlington area which means training has to be accessed primarily in Hull at a distance of over 30 miles and poorly served by public transport.  There are shortages in staff in many health and social care settings, including domiciliary care, in Bridlington and this development will help to address this in engaging adults who are not in work with few or no qualifications into a career in health and social care and retraining adults back into employment.

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