Bridlington Hub – Social Business Support

Bridlington – ERDF


This project will work with Social Businesses, in the Bridlington CLLD area, to identify their needs, prepare an action plan, and support the Social Business to achieve the outcomes identified by providing a minimum of 12 hours of intensive support to the organisation, a maximum intervention time will not be specified as each set of interventions will be tailored to the needs of the individual Social Business.  ERVAS will work with Social Businesses to ensure they receive the right support in line with their needs.

In addition ERVAS will provide a programme of organisational training opportunities within the area for Social Businesses and will strengthen and increase attendance at their current networking opportunities and develop new opportunities for networking in line with the needs of organisations accessing support.

Through ongoing engagement, they will identify new activities and work with existing organisations and people within the community to develop this into new activities/new community businesses where appropriate.  As a result of these interventions Social Businesses will be supported and empowered to contribute to the economic growth within Bridlington, they will also increase their resilience and become more sustainable, which will enhance the area of Bridlington and ensure that there are services available to support the community.

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