Bridlington – ESF

Activfirst Ltd

This project will address the current identified need for support for people in the local area who have been affected by the current pandemic, this will include those who have lost their jobs, business or their furlough scheme is coming to an end. It will also support those that are leaving college that haven’t had much face to face contact with tutors this past year and may be struggling and feeling anxious with their next steps, whether that is to find full time employment or to fill the summer gap before heading off to university.   The project will offer short sharp interventions to people to enable them to find suitable work again and quickly.

Staff understand for some of these people it will not be an easy time for them and trying to find employment can be daunting, especially for those who have been in employment for many years. The project will help these people to understand how the labour market works now and the best and most successful ways to find and apply for employment. Dedicated mentors will work with participants, complete an IAG to understand what it is that they are looking for, and the support that they require to find and achieve their end goal. They will then work with them offering the support required, giving as much or as little support the individual requires to achieve their end goal.

The project will also build relationships with employers in the local area and work alongside them to fill their vacancies by matching suitable participants on caseloads to the job advertised then supporting them to apply for the role and prepare for the interview. By doing this we will guarantee the employer that people who are applying for the role from us are suitable to be interviewed.

We will also use our social media platforms to promote jobs in the local area and support employers to fill their vacancies.