Active Steps (Parents into Work)

Bridlington – ESF

East Riding Yorkshire Council

The project will enable parent/carers, currently lacking confidence, motivation and skills to put themselves on the path to employment, to identify appropriate employment opportunities and start to access the formal  training, and access childcare when needed to enable them to work and study.

The project would involve separate stages of identifying suitable parents, assessing their needs, offering a 10 week course to improve skills, build confidence and give support, followed by opportunities for volunteering in organisations and services providing childcare and working with children, as well as support to move onto employment or more formal training.

This would not only improve the employment prospects for individual parent/carers,but contribute to improved family relationships, reduce family and child poverty if parents were in employment, improve children’s own aspirations and educational outcomes by creating positive role models in the family and parents who were interested in their child’s and their own learning and development.